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Why OnBoarding Track?



We do the work for you. Our recognition experts have created OnboardingTrack over years of working with large enterprise programs.



Make all your new hires feel special from day one. OnboardingTrack gives you the tools to make onboarding personal and engaging.



One size does not fit all. We have successfully customized many products for the largest brands in the world. We can do the same for you.



We have launched more than 400 sites provided countless welcome gifts to employees and partners around the world.



OnboardingTrack has helped numerous global companies welcome employees. We're experts at cultural and global logistics.

By The Numbers

Since 1979, OnboardingTrack has welcomed and rewarded numerous employees in scores of industries

Why Onboarding Matters

New Hires and the Engagement Challenge

Integrating people into your corporate culture presents special challenges. Robertson Marketing’s onboarding program makes it easy to send welcome kits and follow up packages. Make new hires feel like part of the team, part of your culture and a part of something special.

  • Easily design welcome kits aligned with your organization’s cultures
  • Follow up with additional gifts at intervals set by your company
  • Use Robertson’s extensive gift selection catered to new recruits
  • Manage the sending of gifts with our easy-to-use online interface
  • Truly global -- track multiple recipients in multiple locations worldwide
  • Promote corporate culture and encourage new hires
  • Leverage three decades of rewards and recognition expertise

The Millennial Challenge
New college grads pose a particular challenge for cultural onboarding because their channels for interaction increasingly are video games, mobile technologies and social media.

The distinction between work and play becomes blurred in an “always on” world.

  • Percent of new hires that leave within 45 days: 22%
  • Increase in likelihood that a company with a structured onboarding program will retain an employee: 55%
  • Average cost to replace a $50,000 a year employee: $9.850

Welcome Kit

Start new employees’ tenure with a gift. OnboardingTrack can design a customized welcome kit and deliver it to your new hire’s worksite or home on their first day – or even before they start. We work with one of the USA’s top branded merchandise companies to build a gift pack that not only stokes enthusiasm, but also promotes the brand behaviors of your organization.

Create your own timeline to celebrate a new employee joining the team.

Recruitment effort  Send a teaser gift

New recruit accepts job  Send an e-card inviting the recruit to select a branded gift

First day  Have the branded gift or welcome kit waiting at their desk

Orientation  Introduce new hires to your company with a corporate brand kit

Hiring Anniversary  Employee receives one-year service award gift

Ongoing  Along the way, we send e-cards and other small reminders that the employee is valued

“I walked into my apartment on Friday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to see a box filled with a back-pack and company goodies along with a personalized card from the CEO welcoming me to the team. That small gesture put a huge smile on my face. I wanted to thank you for helping me make the right choice and choosing this company as my career post-MBA.”


”Last week, I had two incoming employees tell me verbally that the Welcome gift was a hit…and, a really nice note this morning.”

HR Manager

Global Recognition Platform

A full-featured customizable online solution


  • Geolocation and Proximity Reading
  • Near-field Communication (NFC) and Beacon Reading
  • Push notifications
  • In-company Dedicated Instant Messaging

Games to Boost Engagement

  • Augmented Reality
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Company Trivia
  • Quiz Time
  • Use NFC, Beacon, and Geolocation

Interactivity and Social Media

  • Geolocation and Proximity Reading
  • Employee Feedback
  • New Hires Social Community
  • Photo and Video Sharing

Global Fulfillment Site

  • Welcome Kit Ordering Site
  • Employee Store for Company Branded Merchandise


  • A no-cost way to engage
  • Peer-to-Peer or Employer-to-Employee

Manager Dashboard

  • Engagement Tools
  • Analytics
  • Track Work Anniversaries and Birthdays
  • Print Certificates and Send E-Cards

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